Why Behavioural Profiling?

Fact is that 60% of all people at any one time are seeking a career change. Others are promoted into new roles and are faced with new responsibilities. They don't have access to information about themselves to adapt and develop new skills to match the demands of their role. 

A lot of people don’t know why they do what they do, hence they cannot measure or improve their behaviour based on knowledge and insights. They risk choosing careers that are unsuitable for them, feeling frustrated and out of their depth.

At best they naturally recognise this and change careers, not without effort and inconvenience, at worst, it can affect their confidence and emotional wellbeing. 

This powerful mini course will introduce you to the 4 behavioural styles, their work preferences, strengths and main behavioural characteristics.

You will find yourself in at least two of them as we contain  2-3 styles with one arising as your leading style. 

As a gift, download the free guide on each of the styles at the bottom of this page. 

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Watch these four short videos to learn more about each of the styles


  • Thrives in leading large projects that have significant impact

  • Big picture thinker that initiates and drives change

  • Great at taking calculated risks

  • Outcome focused and direct


    Main Question

    "What is the bottom line?"



  • Thrives in roles working with a variety of people and tasks

  • Big picture thinker that enjoys change

  • Great at influencing and inspiring others

  • People focused


    Main question

    "Who else is involved?"


  • Thrives in predictable stable roles

  • Detailed thinker considering all points of view

  • Likes history and legacy

  • Great at listening, reliable, stable and trustworthy

  • Detail people focused


    Main question

    "How are we going to do this?"



  • Thrives in specialised technical roles

  • Detailed thinker focusing on facts and data

  • Likes precision and quality

  • Detailed fact focused


    Main question

    "Why are we doing this?"

Client Testimonials

" Before working with Christiane I felt trapped in a career path that made me feel overwhelmed and unhappy. Having awareness of my strengths has helped me choose the next step in my career. I am now really happy with what I do."


"As a woman with a strong Dominant aspect in my profile, I never felt comfortable utilising these strengths in my role. Working with Christiane has opened me up towards ways I can bring this more into my job and feel more fulfilled and productive."

"I was unsure of my naturally collaborative and relational leadership style and thought leaders had to be tough and decisive all the time. I put myself under a lot of strain to be someone I was not. Working with Christiane showed me how I could integrate my natural strengths to my role and gave me direction on how to fill the gaps in my leadership style."

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Professional Accreditations

About Christiane

I'm a qualified people coach specialising in personal and professional development. I qualified in extended DISC as a practitioner in 2015 and in 2018 did further training as a consultant specialising in teams and leadership. 

I am a self proclaimed nerd and human behaviour specialist. I revel in what makes people tick and have coached hundreds to help them discover why they do the things they do and what makes them happy and productive in their career and life in general.

I have a life long extended DISC mentor and trainer Joe Pane.

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