We have successfully coached and trained literally hundreds of teams around the world!

We blend Scaled Agile, Remote Working and Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) in a tailored pragmatic way to improve groups, teams and squads wherever they are on their journey. 


Stephen Callaghan

Enterprise Coaching | Certified Training | Consultancy | Distributed Working | Scaled Agile | Transformation

I am an Enterprise Coach, Trainer and Consultant with a passion for building outstanding teams across the globe. Any advice and theory I bring is backed up by extensive real lived knowledge of both the highs and the lows gained in over 30 years of international experience.

We live in an era of extreme change and dislocation, where even the speed of disruption itself is accelerating. Navigating a path can feel overwhelming so I aim to help guide and support leaders and teams through the storm. Our clients range from large universities and financial institutions to digital start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

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Christiane Anderson

Trainer | Team Coach | Facilitator | Change Leader | Capability Builder

For over 20 years I've worked in corporate environments in teams distributed across the world implementing complex technology and processes. I noticed one of the key factors why people and work thrived, is how well everyone related and communicated. 

I dedicated the last ten years becoming a coach, facilitator and trainer and see technology as a great enabler to bring people together on a global scale and creating a sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and our environment. People however are the heart of any organisation and my passions lie in helping them excel in their own journeys. 

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