Design and Deliver Great Online Events!


Had enough of endless Zoom meetings?

We have all been through far too many dry, dull and frankly boring online events. There is another option. 

Let us help you design and deliver events that are fun and engaging for attendees and inspire people to take action.

We offer, self paced, interactive and mentoring options and you can also get started right now with our FREE mini course right here!


Learning Options

We are all finding that online events are a different medium than face to face and simply replicating what we know in that environment does not necessarily translate into an enjoyable or productive experience. That’s where we come in. We offer a number of different options to help you achieve the outcomes that you need.

Self Paced Online Training

Covering everything that the online workshop introduces but at a pace controlled by you.

  • Content - Mixture of videos, interactive quizes and downloadable resources
  • Size - Appropriately bite sized content designed and tailored to fit your busy schedule
  • Quality - Hosted on our fully featured learning platform

Interactive Workshop (90 min)

Covering the three key elements of successful remote workshops.

  • Design - learn 10 Design Techniques for online engagement
  • Infrastructure – learn how optimal infrastructure contributes to high engagement
  • Facilitation – get an overview of a wide range of online facilitation techniques
  • Date 11th Sept 2021 - 9AM

Design & Delivery

For those crucial workshops and events let us help you succeed

  • Co-Design - with our experience let us help you create incredible workshops 
  • Logistics - we can handle all the pre and post logistics to prepare your guests and land your outcome
  • Facilitate - concentrate on the content as we handle the delivery

Design & Delivery (In House)

We run a workshop for your team

  • Educate - a team of champions so your online experiences are immediately improved 
  • Coach - we offer a 1hr post workshop coaching session for your attendees
  • Advise - on areas of improvement based on your teams feedback

What you will learn

  • Techniques for inspiring online engagement
  • Tips on infrastructure needed to run a great online workshop
  • Facilitation techniques to spark thinking and learning through discussions with others
  • How to infuse fun into the professional virtual setting


In September 2020, we helped design, co-ordinate and then run the Gastro Trainee Scheme selection process for the whole of Victoria. We facilitated the end to end event connecting over 70 senior doctors from across the state to reach a successful outcome.

"Stephen and Christiane from People over Process and Michelle from the AVR Lab did a fantastic job coordinating a very complex online interview process (27 anxious interviewees, 12 interverview stations, rotating every 12 minutes over a two hour period!). Communications were great with enormous attention to detail and a lot of satisfied participants. 
Highly Recommended!"

Professor Geoff Hebbard
Director of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, The Royal Melbourne Hospital