Make The Most Out Of MS Teams To Collaborate Successfully Online

Few organisations make use of the tool full capabilities and its power to make remote working more effective, secure and productive. 

We can help you to harness the untapped capabilities and features available in MS Teams. 

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Security & Compliance 

Effective data control and reporting for internal and external collaboration.

Navigation & Terminology

Debunked and demystified Ms Teams terminology for common understanding.

Teams & Channels 

What are Teams and Channels and best way set them up and use them for collaboration.

Online Meetings

Effective online video meetings showing all the tips and tricks to make them engaging and productive.


In March 2020 MS Teams had 32 million active users and as a result of Covid rose to 115 million users in October 2020. MS Teams is a powerful tool combining many Microsoft products under one roof. 


People Over Process Founders Christiane Anderson and Stephen Callaghan are remote working specialists and show how MS Teams is an untapped resource for many organisations and teach practical ways how it can make a difference to any organisations' ways of working for information sharing, productivity and security. In collaboration with Billy Hosking's Jinba IT, a firm specialising in providing simplified and secure remote working services, we bring you a complete solution incorporating functionality and security.