Quickly get up to Speed!

Are you working in an "Agile" or "Scrum" team and need to quickly understand or refresh what is going on? In these short videos we distil the Scrum Guide into easily digestible chunks including: 

  • History, Aim and Theory of Scrum
  • All the Roles that make up a Scrum Team 
  • Every Event in the Scrum Process 
  • The Artefacts that underpin the process


  • When Scrum was developed and its aim

  • What is the Scrum Guide and where can I get it?

  • The high level process flow and how it all hangs together

  • The foundation stones of Empiricism and Lean Thinking

  • The Scrum Values of Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect and Courage


  • The cross-functional, self-managing Squad (or Team)
  • The responsibilities of the Squad no matter the domain
  • The accountabilities of the Product Owner to the squad and beyond
  • The Scrum Masters role in establishing and defending the process


  • The Five Events in Scrum
  • The timeboxing container Sprint
  • Planning meeting that tees it all up
  • The standup that keeps it on track
  • The showcase that demonstrates progress
  • The Retrospective  to improve how to work together 


  • Only three artefacts are needed in Scrum!

  • The Product Backlog containing the big picture 

  • The Sprint Backlog to agree what to do this sprint

  • The tangible progress in the Product Increment