Fight Boredom with Breakout Rooms

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2021

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When we started on our journey with Lisette Sutherland and Collaboration Superpowers on distributed working a couple of years back it was the use of breakout rooms in workshops that we remembered was the difference when we knew then this could really work. However, so many online events and meetings these days are be both incredibly boring and exhausting at the same time and one reason is that we are not using all the tools and techniques that are available to make this medium properly work.

Breakout rooms are not just the domain of Zoom anymore but work really well in Teams now as well (and others). They really help with engagement of attendees and are simple to use with a bit of practice. For the sake of everyone else's sanity give them a go and help make this online life a little bit less dull :)

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