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agile remote scrum training Sep 17, 2021

So much has happened in the last five months since we put a blog post up! And ironic too that the last one was about our first face to face training and this one is about us running the same session but remotely after the previous three were all cancelled due to lockdown!

Yesterday we had privilege of running our second day of Agile Fundamentals at Monash University wrapping up our first remote program with them. Usually we get the boxes of Lego out and run a Farm Simulation and its a really fun experience as people delve back into their inner child. We were nervous on being able to create the same vibe - but to be honest some of the creations and laughter we got was even better!

The Stealth Fighters from the "Poo Shovelers" was inspired, and sparked an arms race with "Maccas Farm" installing anti-aircraft missiles. It nearly all kicked off when "The Moosters" had their whole farm copied and incorporated elsewhere without permission or copyright agreement.... Some well needed laughter in this never ending Melbourne Lockdown 6.1 and we think people also learned a ton about Scrum as well!


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