Remote Meeting Culture - Do you need that meeting? 


Is your team in endless video conference meetings during the day?

Have you identified the activities that your team can do asynchronously versus the things you have to do together on a video call?

Synchronous - all people are together online, working on a business problem. 

Asynchronous - everyone works on the business problem in their own time and communicates progress regularly. (also called "Working out loud") 

Organisational culture needs to change to adapt towards distributed working. The meeting culture, information sharing and ways of communication need an over hall.

There's three reasons why organisations have too many online meetings.

  1. They don't change their habits to adapt to online
  2. They have inconsistent information sharing protocols.
  3. They don't practice intentional communication

1. They don't change their habits to adapt to online.

Most organisations have a "let's have a meeting" for everything. Whilst that already created a burden face-to-face, it has made online exhaustive and unbearable for many. 

Organisations need to rethink their meeting culture and define which meetings are necessary and why and which activities can be done asynchronously.

2. They have inconsistent information sharing protocols

Remote working organisations need to consider how information is stored, communicated and distributed.  In order to make this shift, they need to rethink their security features. In remote first organisations, ALL information (unless sensitive) is available for everyone to access. So we need less meetings to find out "what is going on." 

3. They don't practice intentional communication

Intentional communication means to over communicate, to assume positive intent, to be curious about the other person, to be careful with things like exclamation marks or bold, to use more emojis to agree to something and reduce unnecessary noise. 


Get in touch if you want to find out more about what you need to do to step-by-step change your meeting culture. 

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