Training - Face to Face!

training Mar 30, 2021

After over a year of lockdown, we had the privilege of being able to do some face to face training for the first time in the new and amazing Learning Centre at Monash University here in Melbourne refreshing their approach to "agile". On one level it was just strange walking into a room with so many people in it! We had approximately 30 trainees in a very (very!) large room and adapted a number of our exercises so we could be as socially distanced as possible. There was lots of hand sanitiser, lots of wipes. But mainly there was a good deal of fun. I do not think I've laughed that much in a very long time and it was so good to connect with a whole new set of people.

The engagement was tremendous, I think everyone just enjoyed the opportunity to be around other people with dare I say it a feeling of "normality" absent for such a long time. People were not just small boxes in a sea of other boxes on my screen. (In saying that, our best experience last year was working with companies across Ireland from the shed at the bottom of my garden, they were fun boxes!). It probably took us 30 minutes to warm up, and during the first quick pause we turned to each other and said "we still got this" which was a relief. It was exhausting though, being on your feet ALL DAY without being able to sneak off a small rest. I do think I will need to relearn how to deal with commuter traffic on the freeway though, as I'm sure I probably nearly caused several accidents on the way there but i'm blanking that out.. 

So we have the bug now! (The good one, not the covid one ;) So if anyone wants to cautiously get back into training and workshops we have a refreshed catalogue to go for both public and in-house events - please get in touch and let us know how we can help. Its good to get back out there again :) 

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