Whoa! 7 Key Decisions in one week!!

uniquely you Oct 05, 2020

Ever had to make 7 decisions in one week, which were going to lay the foundation of your product, which is meant to be a significant contributor to your career as an business owner? 

This is what I was tasked with in my first week of developing my product "Uniquely You". It's been in the making for many years, backed by hundreds of hours of experience, but still...

Are you a fast or slow decision maker?

Do you need ALL the data and then move forward? Are you a risk taker and go with what will help you achieve your goals? Or are you someone who does what mostly feels right in the moment?

OR are you someone who does careful research, has all the information and THEN sits ON THE FENCE about moving forward?

Guess which one I am? Yep, the fencer sitter, til my backside is blue. Five years ago I discovered this on black and white through my first behavioural assessment (more on that later) and I was shocked, but not surprised, as I was seeing the fallout of this in my career, my personal relationships and my wellbeing. 

I was in a failing marriage, in a job and with a leader that made me feel powerless and I was anxious and stressed. They say that continued powerlessness leads to mental health issues. The thing that I didn't realise, that I had created that powerlessness a lot through my own inactions.

Something had to change...

Fast forward to the 7 Key Decisions week. I did them, all 7 of them in one week and then I moved on. No stress.

What changed?

For one, once I was aware of my decision making style, I decided to make changes to my strategies, behaviour and mindset. Slow decision making was my way of avoiding risk and failure. I couldn't anticipate and mitigate the risks and perceived safety, that I needed to make decisions.

Feeling safe and comfortable had come at a cost. 

I didn't realise how much more I was missing out. The opportunities, the growth in self esteem that comes with seeing things through, the happiness of learning and achieving or at least getting closer to my goals. 

This is why these 7 key decisions are so important to me. They are proof of my growth, my increasing awareness of how I am handling change. I still don't make fast decisions easily, but I found better ways of overcoming my own preferences in exchange for uncertainty, learning and possibly succeeding at what I lay out for me.

I am in a much better place right now.

Who am I?

Christiane is a self proclaimed remote working nerd and human behaviour specialist. She revels in what makes people tick and has invested hundreds of hours of training and coaching to help clients discover the link between their unique talents and their current or next career. She believes that great relationships based on mutual understanding and appreciation of each others uniqueness, become a rich fertile ground for productivity, creativity and innovation.

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