Leading with Empathy

Creating Intelligent  Innovative Organizations

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Tired of leading on your own?


I would like you to consider what it would be like to shift the culture of leadership in your organisation.

  • Away from top-down leadership to promoting shared leadership 
  • Reducing the feeling that everyone and everything depends on you
  • Dealing more effectively with accelerated change and complexity in the digital age

Leadership is a shared role and not a title. 

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The System is not complete until all Voices are Heard.  

Arnold Mindell

Founded in group process psychology, systems coaching deals with conflict and creating a culture of psychological safety in corporate environments.  

A system such as a team, department or organisation will not move forward successfully towards their goal if marginalised or silenced voices aren't heard. 


Relationship Systems Intelligence

Redirect your focus to the system as a whole.

RSI is the redirection of focus from the individuals within the system, to the whole system as an entity in itself.

This shift in focus enables leaders, teams and organizations to move beyond personal concerns and conflicts to a positive and generative group identity.

  • Learn to listen to what the system needs from you
  • Reduce conflict and increase positivity
  • Create shared leadership and accountability at all levels of the organisation.

Relationship Systems Intelligence helps to make space for disagreement, conflict and diverse opinions. It seeks to hold those individual expressions as an expression of the system, not just the person voicing it

It’s time to lead with empathy.



What's in my talk?

Influencing through Systems Leadership 

Systems Leadership creates sustainable results and increases engagement. 

Constructive Conflict

Reframe how to you do conflict and remain present in the face of challenge. Harness conflict as your ally to innovate.

Web of Relationships

Connect and sense into the rich source of creative relationships that are available.

Empathy for the edge of change

Understand how people move through change using the edge model. Understand and apply practical methods on what is needed to create sustainable change.

Letting go

To become a Systems Leader you need to let go of behaviours that no longer serve you or the organisations mission.

Make the Shift

Shift your focus from the individual to the relationship system. 

From resources to human beings.

Solving problems to inspiring solutions.

From the know to the unknown.




A leaders role is to inspire their people. 

Leadership Programs work at the individual level, but once outside of the coaching or workshop room, they find their impact dimished due to the existing relationship system and rigid structures.

Leadership Systems Coaching  using Relationship Systems Intelligence recognises each persons experience is an expression of the system.

Moving beyond my and our experience to the experience with the voice of ”it” the system. This focuses on relationships as the core attribute of an organisation.

Relationship is the currency that runs organisations.


Systems Coaching Through Change

Creating Intelligent Innovative Organisations

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I'm Christiane.

For over 20 years I've worked in corporate environments in teams distributed across the world implementing complex technology and processes. I noticed one of the key factors why people and work thrived, is how well everyone related and communicated. 

I dedicated the last ten years becoming a coach, facilitator and trainer and see technology as a great enabler to bring people together on a global scale and creating a sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and our environment.

People are the heart of any organisation and my passions lie in helping them excel in their journeys. 

"The eDISC really helped me, and I'll be forever grateful to you for doing the assessment and review on me."

Former Client

"Your coaching has helped me recognise what my career goals are. I am now much clearer on my talents and am happier in my role."

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Have you ever felt like something is missing in your career or life in general? Like no matter how hard you work, you are always behind where you (or society) think you should be?

If so, then the my coaching programs are definitely for you.

We'll work together as a team to build clarity on your path forward. Once you've taken the  next steps on your new path, we'll explore how to nurture and protect that person as you go through your daily life.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right option for you:

Discover your destiny

Career Coaching

Join ambition to meaning

  • Discover your natural strengths with a behavioural profile (extended DISC)
  • Align your career goals to your inherent strengths
  • Understand and harness your natural influencer style
  • Learn how to make great decisions and move forward
  • Anticipate other peoples behaviours
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Lead with Empathy

Leadership Coaching

Transformational Leading

  • Discover your leadership culture style using behavioural profile (extended DISC)
  • Build on your current strengths
  • Embody the values and behaviours of a systems leader
  • Increase your Emotional and Social Intelligence for connection and influence
  • Adopt an agile innovative growth mindset
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Create Intelligent Teams

Group Coaching

Innovate and Collaborate

  • Discover your collective team strengths using behavioural profiling (extended DISC)
  • Harness the team strengths to achieve your mission and goals
  • Overcome communication gaps and challenges
  • Increase positivity, decrease conflict, and build empathy 
  • Have more fun and bring back joy
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