This is a collection of resources and tools for Systems Coaches to help them in their remote coaching facilitation. Most of the tools here has a link to a Jamboard so you can try it action before implementing. All feedback, tweaks, enhancements greatly appreciated. There are two ways to use these resources : 

  • (Easiest) Follow the link to the jamboard and in the top right select 'Make a Copy'. and decided where to save it. You then have a full copy of the jamboard ready to go in seconds!
  • Alternatively , download the Zip File here with all the necessary images from the button below. These can then be used in any whiteboarding tool such as Miro, Microsoft Teams, Mural etc.

Where noted, some of these are "ORSC" Tools. This stands for "Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching". These tools are based on the source material from CRR Global who are the custodians of ORSC. For full details on how to use them (and how to be trained in them), contact


A staple of any agile (an sometimes non agile) team. This is a collection of different retros to have in the back pocket to pull out when needed. 

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Download Retros (Zip)

Systems Entry

A collection of tools here. Designed Team Alliance, Designed Coaching / Leader Alliance and explanation graphic. Handy if you need to quickly enter into a new system! (ORSC)

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Download Systems Entry (Zip)

Team Toxin Grid

This is a tool is designed to help teams understand and take responsibility for toxic communication patterns. It can help create a positive work environment. (ORSC)

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Download Team Toxin (Zip)

Force Field Analysis

This is a useful technique for looking at all the forces for and against a decision (a bit like a fancy pros and cons!). (ORSC) 

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Download Force Field (Zip)

Metaskills Wheel

This tool creates a space in which to explore issues, topics or relationships through different lenses. (ORSC) 

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Download Metaskills (Zip)


Paper Constellations are used to visualise a system. now and where we want them to be. Informal Constellations let you see where you and your team are on a topic. (ORSC)

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Download Constellations (Zip)

Bringing Down the Vision

Tap into your imagination to create a visualisation of the team, relationship or issue you are focusing on. From there its needs and wants can spark new actions to explore. (ORSC)

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Download Vision (Zip)

ORSC Competency Flashcards

For those learning on the ORSC journey, these flashcards can be invaluable. Created by the amazing Jennifer Wong from the ORSC Certification Raintree Cohort, they have been  widely used, tweaked and enhanced for use

Download Flashcards (Powerpoint)