Work Together Anywhere 

  • Do you need a boost to get better at remote working?
  • Are your remote meetings really that effective?
  • Looking for the edge to make yourself more attractive to your workplace and future employers?
  • Leading a team and need to improve your ability to facilitate? 

Remote working is here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

This workshop is your pivot point to master remote working for yourself and your team. 

Receive a roadmap to working online as if you were in the office together. During the series you will implement action items to immediately reap tangible rewards in your remote collaboration.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be well on your way to having a productive, aligned remote team that feels a sense of togetherness and have practical new tools and a bunch of inspiration to take back to your colleagues!

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What you'll learn weekly over four 90-min workshops:

Create Team Agreements

Avoid miscommunications and outline acceptable behaviors for your team.

How do we get every team member on the same page? In this module, we will dive into the process for creating virtual team agreements.

 You will learn:

  • How to establish a basic set of guidelines for working together on a remote team
  • Common communication protocols for remote working
  • Tools for capturing team agreements

 Module content:

  1. Create a productive workspace
  2. Why define normal behaviour
  3. What virtual trust looks like
  4. Define your team etiquettes
  5. Set expectations for how to work together
  6. Pro tips for your team agreement

Facilitate Online Meetings

Learn how to set up and facilitate virtual team meetings to get the most engagement and interaction.

Have you ever attended a virtual meeting that was full of bad sound quality, interruptions, and disengaged participants? In this module you will learn the basics for how to setup and facilitate virtual meetings.

You will learn:

  • How to choose and effectively use online meeting technology
  • Common communication protocols for effective remote meetings
  • How to facilitate interaction and participation, and minimize distractions and multi-tasking

Module content:

  1. How to look and sound great online
  2. Set up an engaging online meeting space
  3. Tips for hybrid meetings
  4. Create psychological safety in your online meetings
  5. Define your meeting etiquettes
  6. How to facilitate meetings online

Simulate The Office Online

Increase togetherness on your team by simulating the "human-ness"  we have when working in the same place.

There is more to a successful remote team than just attending meetings and completing tasks. Do you dislike the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality that occurs when working remotely? In this module we explore how to better collaborate online, and the various tools and techniques for building trust and increasing camaraderie online.

You will learn:

  • Best practices and tools for seamless online collaboration
  • Ways to combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality
  • Simple tips for increasing camaraderie and the sense of team/togetherness online

Module content:

  1. How good is your online collaboration?
  2. What does a productive virtual office look like?
  3. Master remote communication
  4. Make the best of time zones
  5. How to make your work visible to your remote team
  6. Techniques for virtual team building

Give and Receive Feedback

Learn how to give and receive feedback on both small and big things to inspire continuous improvement.

On remote teams, giving and receiving feedback become critical elements for success. How do you currently give and receive feedback and are you acknowledging each others contributions? In this module, we will dive into how to set a pattern for honest and useful feedback on your remote team.

You will learn:

  • Techniques for rapid, continuous feedback
  • How to set up 360 degree feedback systems so that colleagues and managers can more frequently measure each others performance
  • Tools for showing appreciation
  • How to conduct remote retrospectives

Module content:

  1. The basics of giving feedback online
  2. How to give constructive feedback online
  3. The basics of showing appreciation online
  4. How to show appreciation online

Your next Cohort Starts October 13th at 4PM for four weekly 90-min sessions.

This course is an opportunity for you to connect with like-minded people and learn from each other whilst applying the tools in the course.

Who is this Workshop For

Let's face it. Remote working isn't for everyone and this workshop is for people who are curious about improving their remote working skills and wanting to see whether that could be a pathway to making a difference to the way they've been working to date..

This workshop is right for you if...

  • you want to be productive working remotely
  • you think remote working creates more choices in how you want to work
  • you are enthusiastic about improving productivity
  • you want high bandwidth communication and collaboration on your team
  • you seek the "human-ness" in remote working
  • you want to create psychological safety for you and your team


This workshop is not right for you if...

  • you think working in an office is the only way to work
  • you have low trust in your colleagues getting their work done
  • you think that people cannot be productive remotely
  • you think technology is not an enabler for remote teams




What you get as a Participant

For being part of this course we offer these amazing benefits. 

Online Learning Platform

Get access to all the workshop materials in one convenient location. 

6-Hours of Training

We are delivering you 6hrs of training and additional self-paced learning material.

Workshop Certificate

Each attendee gets a workshop certificate upon completion of the course.

PoP Extra Bonuses

In addition to the course material we offer remote working tips, how to optimise your tech set up and advanced tools overview. 

Virtual Community

Once you complete the course you will be invited to a community of remote working experts from around the globe.

Super Cards

Get your own copy of the highly popular Super Cards to give visual clues during your online meetings.

Sustainable Training

Within all the hardship we have  faced in recent times we believe there are still some positives that we can take from our experience. From the beginning, before COVID, we built PoP to be a sustainable company, fully carbon neutral and as sustainable as we could make it. To that end we commit to planting a dozen trees for every workshop or training series we run in order to offset the impact we may make. 

About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Christiane and I am on a mission to create organisations where people thrive.

For over 20 years I've worked in corporate environments in teams distributed across the world implementing complex technology and processes. I noticed one of the key factors why people and work thrived, is how well everyone related and communicated. 

I spent the last five years becoming a coach, facilitator and trainer and see technology as a great enabler to bring people together on a global scale and creating a sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and our environment.

What our happy clients are saying about the course.

Mark Wightman (CTO at

“The Work Together Anywhere workshop has helped us immeasurably in building a successful & happy new distributed team.” 



Michelle Prosser-Roberts - Principal Consultant, Accuteque

"I have truly enjoyed attending Work Together Anywhere Workshops with.  This course highlighted tips and tricks for increased productivity and connection when working remotely."


Zora Lourens - Program Manager, Melbourne University

"As a Program Manager, I wanted to role model better ways of collaborating with my team online. 

They are enjoying experimenting with new tools and techniques and feel more confident collaborating remotely."  

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Starting October 13th at 4PM AEST, our next cohort is filling fast and we would love to have you on board. Spaces are limited. 

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